The alumni organization of the Faculty of Medicine Foca is a voluntary organization that joins all those who have graduated, and have defended their master or PhD theses at the Faculty of Medicine Foca. The purpose of this organization is to connect all generations of students of the Faculty of Medicine Foca, in order to achieve their continuous cooperation.

Creating lasting relationships between alumni, students, faculty teachers, academic and wider communities.


  • promote the continuity, work and significance of the Alumni Organization
  • join former students of the Faculty of Medicine Foca in the Alumni organization
  • create an alumni base with their data and make it available for the purpose of concluding future business relations
  • building and strengthening links between students, alumni, faculty staff and community
  • strengthening the reputation of the Faculty of Medicine Foca and promoting the interest of the Faculty
  • development of cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine Foca with institutions and companies in which former students are engaged
  • participation in international scientific and professional exchange and establishment of relations with Alumni organizations from the region and beyond
  • international accreditation
  • improvement of academic skills according to the requirements of the field of work, the public sector as well as all other interest groups


A regular member of the Alumni Association can become a person voluntary by signing the application form, thus accepting the goals of the Alumni Organization.

Access (membership) to the organization is free. (Download application form)

Welcome to Alumni of the Faculty of Medicine Foca!