On 29 December, 1993, The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska made a formal decision, reference 02-1512/93, on establishment of the University of Sarajevo of the Republic of Srpska, as a successor of the University of Sarajevo. Faculty of Medicine University of Sarajevo of the Republic of Srpska, later University of Serbian Sarajevo, and, today, the University of East Sarajevo with the seat in Foca established in 1993, follows the tradition of the Faculty of Medicine Sarajevo.

The Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo was founded in 1944 as the first higher education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the continuity of its work was established in 1946.

On 14 September, 1992 the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska made the decision number 02-1188 / 92 on the allocation of higher education institutions from the University of Sarajevo.

On 15 October, 1993 the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Republic of Srpska made the decision on continuing the work of the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska, with its headquarters in Srbinje / Foca.

The Faculty of Medicine in Foča began on 15 October, 1993. Then the first students were enrolled and the first 1993/1994 school year with 60 enrolled students started.

In addition to these activities, the curriculum was adopted, the first teachers and associates were selected, as well as the first dean of the faculty, doctor Borisa Starovic, PhD.

The Statute of the faculty was adopted and the first Scientific-educational Council of the faculty was formed. The first curriculum (general medicine) was adopted and the implementation of the teaching process started.

Working license number 07.023-3899 / 09 from June 22, 2009 issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, the first study cycle is performed at the faculty at the following study programmes:

  • Medicine Study Programme;
  • Dentistry Study Programme;
  • Nursing Study Programme;
  • Special Education and Rehabilitation Study Programme;

From the academic year 2013/14, a second cycle of studies is realized at the study programmes Special Education and Rehabilitation and Nursing.

By the beginning of the academic year 2013/14, 602 students graduated at the Faculty of Medicine.

We have organized postgraduate studies since the academic year 2000/2001. 122 students have attended postgraduate studies so far. The master thesis at our faculty was defended by 43 candidates and they gained the scientific degree of the Master of Science in Medicine. The doctoral dissertation was defended by 30 candidates and they gained the scientific degree doctor of medical or dental science.

Specialist studies in medicine and dentistry are also organized at the Faculty of Medicine. The professional title of a specialist at the Faculty of Medicine was gained by 51 candidates.

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine in Foca is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in education, research and health care. The faculty should be the leader in improving the health of people through the education of skilled and socially responsible doctors of medicine and dentistry, graduated special educators and rehabilitators and health care graduates. Long-term goals relate to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge and the cultivation of critical intellects. Tolerance and diversity are supported, and global issues are being explored and encouraged. The mission of the faculty also covers special areas of teaching, research, medical services and a role in society.

Education of highly qualified medical staff, specialists in certain fields, auxiliary medical staff, and staff for special education and rehabilitation who would help with the promotion and spread of health culture, health care and modernization of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region, within the scientific field of biomedicine.

The vision of the Faculty is a modern educational institution in the field of biomedicine and health care, which is a powerful, high-quality, reliable and competent partner in the education of quality staff who are fully trained to respond to the challenges of modern medicine and special education and rehabilitation.